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The Ginger Pig Wanstead Show Info

The Ginger Pig Wanstead
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Developing our ongoing relationship and knowledge of The Ginger Pig brand, we were asked to work on a new concept for their latest retail shop in East London. With seven shops already established, including the iconic Borough Market, The Ginger Pig has a long standing place in many communities, with a passionate and loyal customer base. We wanted to build on that brand equity whilst strengthening the visual appeal of the retail concept, reflecting both their traditional values and approach with their forward-thinking, innovative side. We also wanted to improve the customer experience and make the environment work harder for the brand – at the same time helping customers.

Ultimately our aim was to develop a retail design concept which would embody the charm of the brand, with the flexibility to make each new shop unique and special to its location. Working closely with the brand we embarked on a recce across Europe to look at the very best in traditional and modern butchery retail.

We took inspiration from traditional butcher shop design, and everything from the domestic kitchen to the British countryside, to local traditions and folklore, and contemporary butchery best practise. All elements which inspire our ongoing work with The Ginger Pig brand.

The concept was developed by Creative Retails Solutions (CRS) who devised the counter layouts, fittings and equipment, including a state-of-the-art shop window which essentially acts as a cold room built into the shop front. HK Interiors managed the shop fit and build, creating the beautiful brass logo embedded into the floor tiles at the entrance, and copper plated rails with hanging hand-painted signage and artwork created by artist Gwyn Jones.

We currently have several new concepts under development…