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The Ginger Pig Online
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Creative direction and design for the Ginger Pig website and online shop. The brand wanted a strong, bold look for the new website – to match their unique personality and uncompromising attention to the quality of their product. As leaders in their field the brand wanted to do things differently, and avoid a ‘me too’ site. A very limited range of products were selected for the launch of the site, with more lines being added systematically in future months. This approach allowed us to concentrate on the detail of the imagery on the site. Working with photographer Kristin Perers and stylist Tabitha Hawkins, we curated a range of stunning images to launch the Ginger Pig ‘Chop Shop’. This element of the site is designed to be image-led, allowing the products to shine through glorious images. Each product is supported by specific recipes and tips.


The brand side of the site is inspired by the English countryside, farmhouse ephemera, and folk art. Illustrations by Alice Pattullo bring the concept to life beautifully. We worked with web designers You, Me and Everyone to develop the site and CMS.

Website: Mark Hume, You Me and Everyone 
Illustration: Alice Pattullo 
Photography: Kristin Perers
Styling: Tabitha Hawkins