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Château Puynard Wines
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Our first major project with Château Puynard – to redesign the labels for their first wines under new ownership. The brief was to embody the new direction of the vineyard focusing on organic viticulture with the aim to produce the healthiest grapes the land can give, and making the best wine, with a commitment to the environment and history of the vineyard. The new wines have a lighter, more fruitful taste, and the brand wanted a completely new and modern approach to the label designs for their redsrosé and rosé crémant wines.

We wanted to respect the heritage of the vineyard and honour the tradition of the wine label with the new design. It was essential to keep an image of the Château on the label, so we recreated the original illustration in a contemporary, minimal style, and paired the classic typography of the logo with a modern monospaced font and the new geometric motif we have created for the brand.

Art Direction & Design: Studio Folk
Photography: Tim O’Flaherty